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  Initial Assessments  
    Project Overview  
  Smallholder Agriculture + Water = Solutions to Rural Poverty & Hunger  
  Finding new ways to give smallholder farmers more control over water and more control over their livelihoods  
  Smallholder farming can and should be an engine for economic growth, poverty reduction and food security. In many areas, reliable access to water is what's missing from the equation.  
Project Methodology  
Opportunities – Constraints = Successful Uptake of Innovations
  Improving the success rate of agricultural water management projects and investments with a new, easy-to-use approach  
  While there are a number of well-documented methods for screening and evaluating agricultural and natural resources technologies, there is not an approach tailored to the specific challenges  
Project Impact
AgWater Solutions + Partners = Impact
Helping 65 million people move out of poverty through better investments in agricultural water management
Small-scale farmers make up the bulk of those living in extreme poverty in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, and they account for roughly half of the developing world's undernourished—around 500
Project Gender Focus
Men + Women + Water = Greater Poverty Fighting Benefits
Using gender mapping and analysis to boost benefits from agricultural water management projects and investments
Agricultural Water Management (AWM) investments that enhance both women's and men's productivity are likely to yield the greatest gains in agricultural growth and poverty reduction, as well as narrow the