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Project Overview
Smallholder Agriculture + Water = Solutions to Rural Poverty & Hunger
Project Methodology
Opportunities - Constraints = Successful Uptake of Solutions
Project Impact Planning
Agwater Solutions + Partners = Impact
Taking Gender into Account
Men +Women + Water = Greater Poverty Fighting Benefits
Groundwater Policies
Nearly 70% of the population of West Bengal depends on agricultural water management (AWM) a critical factor in imroving livelihoods and food security.
Rainwater Harvesting
A decentralized rainwater harvesting schene was introduced in Dewas District, Madhya Pradesh, in 2006. This Was in response to steeply falling groundwater tables, which posed a threat to the livehood of farmers.
Small Reservoirs
The AgWater Solutions project is reviewing a number of agricultural water management (AWM) practices to determine which could be promoted to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. The review of small reservoirs in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia,...
Treadle Pump
Access to irrigation can help improve livelihood opportunities and raise incomes of smallholder farmers. But to effectively reach them it is necessary to know:
WLT Business Model
Agriculture in Ethiopia is dominated by smallholder rain-fed systems. However, low and erratic rainfall limits productivity and food security. Ethiopia’s year Growth and Transformation Plan encourages the use of the country’s abundant water resources...